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Criminal justice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Criminal justice - Essay Example The jury’s successful conclusion means that they have successfully found the defendant guilty or not guilty based on the testimonies and evidences presented to them. It is important to note that the jury’s successful conclusion is, in the same manner, the judge’s successful conclusion, not only the judge intervenes in the verdict made by the jury. The victim and the defendant’s successful conclusion means that the verdict favors them. This is similar to the prosecutor and defense attorney’s successful conclusion, wherein, it collides. Of course, the successful conclusion of the victim is when the court rules in their favor and puts the defendant behind bars, or worse. And the successful conclusion of the defendant is when the court rules in their favor and sets them free. A successful conclusion in the courtroom depends on the position, the side and the role of the participant. The judge and the jury are the one that dictates the successful conclusi on because they give the decision. But the victim and the defendant may have different views whether it is successful or not depending on how their testimonies and evidences are accepted by the court.

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Contractual Aspects and Business Negligence Coursework

Contractual Aspects and Business Negligence - Coursework Example The researcher states that acceptance of an offer must be made exactly as offered and no conditions can be added to the offer. Introduction of new terms to the offer results to a counter offer and such a counteroffer terminated the initial offer. Acceptance can be given verbally, in writing or impliedly. For an acceptance to be valid, it must comply with the method prescribed by the offer. The parties entering into the contract must also have an intention to create legal relations. This implies that the parties to the contract intend the contract to be enforceable by law. The last element of a valid contract is a valid consideration. Consideration in this regard is a party promise to do something in exchange for the other parties promise to provide a valuable benefit. There are different types of contracts undergone in business and these include verbal contracts, written contracts, and distance selling contracts. Verbal contracts are contracts undertaken without any written agreement s and rely on the good faith of the involved parties. These contracts can be difficult to prove compared to written contracts. Written contracts, on the other hand, are contracts that are written and signed by the contracting parties. All the terms of the contract are often included in the written documents. The other type of contracts is distance-selling contracts, which are contracts entered at a distance from the supplier and are associated with online shopping. Distance selling contracts are enforceable provided they meet the requirements of a valid contract. These contracts are regulated by the distance selling regulations, which protect consumer rights when purchasing products online. The contents of a contract are referred to as terms of a contract. A contract will usually contain various terms, which can be either implied or express.

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Dance Dance Revolution :: essays research papers

From the depths of Japan comes "Dance Dance Revolution", a highly active dancing video game. Playing this game is what makes it unique in a sense where instead of a normal handheld controller being used, it is played on a floor mat connected to the game console in order to actually provide an in home dancing experience. This game is currently gaining popularity in the states every day for many reasons including: the songs available to dance to, a high energy and high impact dance experience, and even a method of losing weight. Since this is a music game the quality of music is probably the most important factor in the game. The songs for the most part are very good. There is a house/eurobeat slant to the music, since eurobeat is popular in Japan. Songs like "Hyper Eurobeat" and "1998" are very energetic and make you want to get up and move. There are some slower Hip Hop and R&B songs like "Put Your Faith in Me" and "Try 2 Love U". Latin Music is also being included into the game. "Gamelan de Couple" (from Konami's Mamba A-Go-Go series) and "La Copa De La Vida" (yes that Ricky Martin song) are some examples. There are even sports classics like "We Are the Champions" and "We will Rock you". The concept of the game is simple. Directional arrows scroll up the screen, which represent dance steps. The player must step down on the corresponding arrow when it reaches on top of the screen. In writing it sounds simple, but this game will test a player's eye-hand.. err.. eye-foot coordination. All of the songs have cleverly designed dance patterns that include jumping, freeze arrows and off-beat steps. Not only do the songs have varied dance patterns but there are three difficulty settings available to the player based on how good the player is including: light, standard, and extreme. It takes time to get better at, but over all it's a fun experience, after getting past the initial embarrassment. Play video games and lose weight? It sounds unlikely, but it's true. People are using Dance Dance Revolution a a method of losing weight because of the massive amount of physical activity involved. Chris Rettig, 33, of Colerain Township, first tried this video game 2 years ago and has since lost over 90 pounds. Certain Schools have even introduced this game into their Physical Education programs instead of chasing a ball across the gym.

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Personal Accountability

PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY Being accountable for yourself is important due to the fact that if you do not know where you are supposed to be, you won’t be able to perform your job and perform it well. In the military you are only required to do three things; be at the right place, be there at the right time, and be in the right uniform. But as a military Police officer, you are also required one more thing to do, which is, check the DA Form 6 every day for changes.If you don’t check the DA Form 6, you won’t just be in the wrong place, you will also letting those around you down while you are late and having them wait on you. Also being accountable for yourself and letting others know where you are is important because if no body knows where you are and you get hurt or lost then it falls on your leadership that they aren’t doing their job. And you will be considered AWOL (absent with out leave) under article 86 in the UCMJ. Making changes on the DA Form 6 are n ot made on the lower level, but the higher chain of command can approve it.You will be in the wrong if you jump the chain of command, so that is when you let your team leader know so they can push it up. If you are unsure if your team leader pushed it up, or if the change had ever gotten approved, check multiple times until you are satisfied that the top is tracking the change. When the chain of command is unaware of the changes, it falls on the soldiers that wanted to make the change. And if no one is tracking it, and you conduct the change, then that is a direct violation of a direct order and can have UCMJ consequences.If one issue is that you cannot do it yourself, you can always ask your peers for help. There is no shame in accepting help from others who are willing to help. When you constantly show up late and are not at the appointed place of duty, you build yourself a negative legacy. People will eventually start seeing you as incompetent and that you won’t be able to perform any tasks you are given. In turn it could lower your moral and lower the moral of your peers.The trust of you being able to conduct your job is vital in the military and for the unity of the unit. Ways on helping with being accountable for youself are; checking and rechecking, showing up on time, not bein too afraid to ask for help. Writing down your schedule is another way to help. But the military isn’t for some people and its not easy to adapt with the lifestyle and the way of living that comes with the burden of being a soldier. So take this as my way of letting you know that you can go ahead and process the chapter paperwork.

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I Changing Role of Communication in the 21st Century - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 771 Downloads: 3 Date added: 2017/09/14 Category Advertising Essay Did you like this example? How many times have you been out to dinner or other social function talking with people only to have them abruptly stop the conversation to answer their mobile or to respond to some form of text or email? How many times have you been in a meeting and experienced the entire meeting being momentarily disrupted by a phone call, even if you or the other person didnt actually answer it? Just the other night I got and deserved a lashing when I picked up my mobile to check email while waiting for dinner to arrive. Are the new modes of communication and social networks available to us making us more anti-social and rude? Today we have the choice of voice, video, text, instant message, social networks, gaming networks, Skype, Google Voice, voice enabled Twitter and Facebook etc. These choices and the advances in mobile communication devices are responsible for this communication paradigm shift. The ability to take all this communication with you has changed us as much, or more, than the communication applications themselves. The way we treat or interact with one another socially has forever changed. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "I Changing Role of Communication in the 21st Century" essay for you Create order Is that by choice or due to the current state of communication tools? Once upon a time, face to face or by phone were our primary modes of communication. The person(s) communicating would more naturally be paying full attention to those in their presence or on the phone. Today, many prefer to text or email a person rather than call them. Why is that? Ive talked to friends, family (e. g. my kids), thought about my own habits, and monitored social network communications discussing it. It could be the desire to control the time spent in or dedicating attention to the conversation. You dont have to gracefully hang up or walk away from the person to terminate or interrupt the conversation. The communication is less dedicated, allowing for gaps or pauses in the interaction. Texting, email, and social network communications appear to be taking priority over communicating with those in our presence. A common cited reason for it is the need to communicate with and respond to anyone trying to contact you instantly. Whatever happened to the Ill get back to you later mentality? Is the need to multi-task the real driver behind this behavior change? Many have discussed information overload, and social network addiction. The well known quote by Clay Shirkey, its not information overload, its filter failure, applies but may not be enough. The communication and information is so readily available to us, wherever we are, that we just cant tear ourselves away from watching and responding. No amount of data or communication filtering can change this behavior if it fundamentally doesnt want to be changed. With all the tweeting and blogging I see about information overload, stress and anxiety, there are clear signs that we want it to change. Communication systems need to evolve further to offer filtering and other forms of control. Ive written before about consolidation of our identities, a unified communications dashboard and agent that can do this filtering. A couple of capabilities of a communication system that could help me be less rude and take control over interruptions include; 1. Advanced and automatic presence detection. Why not use the videocam most PCs have, or emerging video phones, for detecting if I am in my office alone or not? If Im not, dont ring my phone at all! Dont route calls, text or other alerts to me unless the source and content meet my filter criteria (e. g. from home containing urgent as a keyword). I need something automatic to set my presence. I dont want to have to remember to set my presence. It could be motion detection, RFID or similar technology. Automatic presence detection when you are carrying only your mobile is another issue to solve. 2. Integration with calendar to detect when Im in a meeting or other form of in-person engagement. A do not disturb flag in our calendars thats more refined than the simple busy. This is another form of automated presence detection for use in controlling the communication. It can be used to automatically suspend calls, alerts, texts, tweets etc to my device, especially mobiles, unless they meet my criteria. To implement this requires more standardization of how calendar entries are represented so presence and other relevant data about the engagement or call can be extracted. Do you feel the impact and change brought on by 21st century communications? Do you feel more rude, interrupted and less focused? Id like to hear your thoughts on it and ideas on how to address it.

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Information Technology Healthcare System Applications

The World has spontaneously reduced into a tiny global village where advancement in technology has taken the order of the day across many faculties and departments at the present. Healthcare is one of the sections that have struggled to adapt to the new technologies in order to survive in the current markets, which are full of competition as the major threat. In fact, the necessity for the use of advanced technology in the health sector emanates from the demand of the clients and the environmental constraints at hand. This paper intends to define the four major areas of Information Technology Healthcare System Applications, provide a summary of the medical technology in various areas, describe the various types of private insurance, and highlight the types of reimbursement methods under healthcare practice. Healthcare System Applications Clinical Information Systems This is a system that has been put to good use by many healthcare institutions. It is a PC based system that provides room for keeping clinical records for the patients, storing data and maintenance of schedules for the healthcare technicians. It has elements: clinical patient support and electronic media records, which are vital in making sound clinical decision in the shortest time period. In addition, the system forms a hub for training and research since the information regarding the patients may be availed to the physicians for the purpose of establishing new medical phenomena. This system has merits in asShow MoreRelatedAnnotated Bibliography On Improving Cyber Security Essay860 Words   |  4 PagesImproving Cyber security in Healthcare Introduction: As the healthcare industry is acquiring more technologies into its business, the need for securing the data has become challenging. Unlike other industries, Healthcare industry is far behind in investing enough money on securing the health IT technologies. However, the cyber security is really a mandatory need for Health care industry as it deals with patient information which is more precious. A stolen health record by hackers costs around $ 20Read MoreThe Impact Of A Merged Healthcare Organization Essay1341 Words   |  6 PagesTechnology analysis There are a number of technologies that can be applied in the process of meeting the mandated requirements that will have some impacts of a merged healthcare organization. There are a number of technologies that are required to monitor the operations carried out in most of the merged healthcare systems. Some of the systems include CCTV systems that are meant to monitor the activities of different people who work in different departments in the organization (Buerhaus, StaigerRead MoreLack Of Professional Human Resource Workforce1294 Words   |  6 PagesLack of Professional Human Resource Workforce A mechanized information framework requires gifted work force for its successful operation. Preparing is one of the angles for utilization of any new technology. Inadequacy of talented workforce can be overcome by giving fitting preparing in the required range. An appropriate preparing module in building engineering of a solid database ought to be accessible. On the off chance that it is not actualized, then results or results picked up by such sortRead MoreOrganization Planning, Project Management, and Information Technology1319 Words   |  6 PagesApplication: Organization Planning, Project Management, and Information Technology The successful implementation and subsequent meaningful use of information technology solutions within a health care organization is a challenging and iterative process. The organization must engage in careful and ongoing strategic and tactical planning to ensure that the implemented technology will ultimately be effective and beneficial for its practitioners, staff, and patients. To prepare for this ApplicationRead MoreMobile Phone And Its Effects On Health Care And Professional, Ethical And Legal Concept959 Words   |  4 Pagesconnectivity, and operating system touches screen interface, and can download applications like personal computers. It provides mobile calls, internet access, checks your vital sign, can track your exercise, and access multiple emails. Smartphone software applications are suitable and increasingly popular for both health care consumers and providers. Social Medias are computer- mediated tools that allow people or companies like health care system to create share or exchange information, career interests,Read MoreHealthcare Is Becoming A Global Issue1212 Words   |  5 PagesHealthcare is becoming a global issue while the world’s population is expanding and standard of living is rising. In 2011, according to United Nations Development Programme’s Human Development Index, Australia ranked second (Boslaugh, 2013). Despite the overall good status of health, the improvement in healthcare is necessary because the world witnessed a dramatic growth in the aging population as well as the outbreak of the pandemics in the recent centuries. Not only that, these trends will continueRead MoreThe Internet of Things Essay1202 Words   |  5 Pageslaboratory in MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), in 1999, first proposed the concept of Internet of Things. The main idea of Internet of Things is to connect all the items to the internet by means of sensor devices such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) for accomplishing intelligent recognition and network management. The core support technology of the internet of things is a wireless sensor network and a radio frequency identification technology. The International Telecommunication UnionRead MoreEvolution of Health Care999 Words   |  4 PagesEvolution of Health Care Information Systems Nancy Glaz HCS/533 February, 4, 2013 Sean Kern Evolution of Health Care Information Systems The introduction of Health Information Systems (HIS) to the health care industry has changed the delivery and reimbursement services in the United States (US). The history of information systems (IS) has enhanced communication between patients, providers, and insurance providers. Prior to the information age, health care use a paper method to maintainRead MoreKnowledge Management in Healhcare Essay1673 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Knowledge management in the healthcare domain may be regarded as an integration of formal techniques and methods in order to ease the utilization, dissemination, preservation, development, identification, acquisition and creation of the diverse aspects of the knowledge assets of the healthcare organization (Bordoloi Islam, 2012). Delivery of excellent healthcare services requires optimal knowledge management and thereby having an established knowledge management process aids to enhanceRead MoreHealth Information Technology1521 Words   |  6 Pagesfor Health Information Technology (ONC) has funded this program to find breakthrough innovations in the field of Health Information Technology (IT). This research program was awarded $60 million and this program is divided into four focus areas. This program brings together researchers, healthcare providers, and other health IT sector stakeholders in order to transform the research products into practice. This program is designed to impro ve quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare using advanced